Printer 20 Microban - Protect Kids Stamp

Akční cena s DPH 203,00 Kč 167,77 Kč Doporučená cena 290,00 Kč

Washing your hands perfectly and thereby protecting you against infections …made easy and fun.

Vzorový otisk
38 x 14 mm

On the one hand we experienced a customer‘s problem, which almost certainly can be found in all families worldwide at present, and on the other hand the necessity of a short-term solution. Within two weeks, a marketready product idea was developed, which is about encouraging preventive and protective hygienic measures. Our special Protect Kids Stamp is produced in our factory in Austria, which enables short, fast, sustainable and safe delivery. Our product is aimed at families, children and all those who want to protect themselves from the risk of infection by an ingeniously simple and creative idea. It reminds people to wash their hands and therefore to make the further spread of this infection more difficult.